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Related post: Date: Sun, 18 ru loli sites Apr 2004 17:21:07 -0700 (PDT) From: Jan Subject: Rachel's Coming Out (Incest f/F, f/FFF)Warning:This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of incest between a girl and her aunt. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for permission.Copyright 2004 loli cp toplist Jan, All Rights Reserved.Please mail to loli russian underage child if you have suggestions for future stories. Rachel's Coming Out By Jan Rachel was called out of her classroom at school and bd company loli told that her parents had been killed in an automobile accident. She was understandably crushed by the news. The only living relative that she had was her father's younger sister. Her parents didn't talk about her very much about this woman and when they did it was in disapproving terms. Her parents were members of a fundamental church. They raised her on hellfire and damnation. Everything they read in the bible was taken literally, if they could point to any passage in the bible that condemned an action that was enough to make it a sin in their eyes. Like the Jehovah Wittiness they take the Old Testament dietary laws and interpreted that to mean that humans are not to receive blood transfusions. They found drinking and dancing and of course fornication, sinful but because they could find no probations about smoking in the bible they smoked incessantly. Their fingers and teeth were stained from the nicotine. Rachel had been told that she was too young to smoke but cigarettes were all over the house and she had practiced smoking to look more adult from the time she was a child. The house smelled of smoke so much that her parents never detected the smell on her clothes or breath. When she was taken out of class and told about her parent's death boy loli pics she was heartbroken and the only thing on japanese lolits comics her mind besides her grief was her desire to sit down and have a cigarette. When the aunt was notified about the death in the family she caught the earliest flight out of San Francisco. Upon her arrival in Joplin, Mo. she rented a car and drove to the small town where her brother preteen art loli had lived. After the funeral they had do sit down and discuss what was to be done with Rachel. The girl didn't know her aunt but found her to be a very exotic looking woman. She was tall and beautiful. She dressed and used makeup like a fashion model. Rachel found her to be very bright and friendly. The pastor of softcore loli the church wanted to keep Rachel in town. He looked upon letting her move to San Francisco as allowing her to live in Sodom, but relented when Rachel's aunt threatened legal action. They packed up the child's cherished belongings and arranged for shy loli erotic the sale of everything else before flying off to loli angel ukrainian San Francisco. During those few days Rachel grew to know her aunt Nell a bit better. Rachel even loli cum ru got enough nerve to lolicon amateur ask why her parents didn't like her. Nell told loliphets nymphet her that her brother never forgave her for leaving home and not following the dictates of the family church. He did not approve of my lifestyle. That elicited more questions about what she meant. Nell skirted around the answer. Her cryptic answer was simply that he did not approve of her girlfriends. Rachel may loli photos have been only a child herself but she knew enough that she figured out that her aunt was probably a lesbian. She had been raised in a home that taught her that such actions were an abomination in the eyes of God and as such she recoiled from lolicon sites any body contact with her aunt. When they arrived in San Francisco they took a cab to her aunt's home. It was very young uncensored loli a restored Victorian that could have lolitta young girl very well survived the earthquake of 1906. It was very stylish and had a great view of the city. The lights at night looked like Christmas tree decorations to Rachel. Nell assured the girl that she was safe in her home and that none of her friends would loli guestbook incest hardcore molest her. If living with her would be a problem she told her that she could make arrangements to get her in a boarding school. She mentioned that there was a very good Catholic lolitta piss boarding school right there in town. Rachel had been raised to believe that the Roman Catholic Church was a false church. The thought she would be under the control of priests and nuns frightened her even more that living in the home of her perverted aunt. She expressed her distrust of the church. Nell assured her that if she went to a Catholic school and learned the meanings behind the pageantry she would learn that it was not that much different loli teen pictures from what she had been brought up to believe. Rachel was not happy about loli xxx passwords the thought of being sent to a Catholic school but agreed to give it a try. For the time being she would attend the day school and spend her nights in her aunt's home. She was given the uniforms required by the school and was introduced to the mother superior and her teachers. To her surprise she found that only a few of them were nuns. The school was a new experience for her. She had been going to a school where she was in one classroom all day with one teacher. In this school the students changed rooms lolicon hentai 3d every hour and had a different teacher for loli petit model each subject. It was a little overwhelming at first but with the help of Nell she caught up fast enough. The best thing was the thrill of being in a big city. The first few weeks were spent shopping for clothes and seeing the sights. They drove down to Monterey to see the aquarium. loli 16 It was a new world to her. They even bought her an evening gown and went to the San Francisco Symphony. She had never heard lolicon sex Mauler played live before. Being dressed up like an adult was so thrilling to her. She even found that she actually like the music. Prior to meeting her aunt she had only been exposed revival and country music. Following the performance they stopped for a late dinner. While studying the menu two women dressed as formal as they were came in and approached their table. Nell stood top 15 loli up and greeted them with hugs and the phantom kisses on the cheeks. Then she introduced them to Rachel. The two women greeted her like an old friend and said, "So you are the niece that has been keeping Nell off the party circuit." Nell held up her hand, "Hold on girls Rachel is straight!" The reference was slightly over Rachel's head but she was smart enough to figure out that they must preteen lolits be a couple of her gay friends. She was struck by the fact that they were so fashionable. They preteens lolis didn't look at all like the Hollywood stereotypical dykes she had seen on television. The conversation was mostly about the performance of the symphony but the two ladies managed to chide Nell good naturally about dropping out of the party circuit. Nell blew them off saying russian loli pages that she was busy getting her niece settled in. Eventually they had to part ways and the women invited Nell to come to a party this weekend at someone named Phyllis's place. On the ride home Rachel told her aunt that if she wanted to go to the party she could, after all she was thirteen years old and capable of staying by herself. Nell tried to assure her that she was not missing anything. She enjoyed her company. As for Rachel the earlier feels of distrust and revolution had passed and she had come to enjoy the company of this older woman. When they were safely home Rachel followed Aunt-Nell into her bedroom and insisted that she go out and have some fun. She could manage to be home alone for one night. Nell agreed and sent her to her room with a kiss goodnight. The following weekend Nell loli nude bbs links got virgins loli videos dressed in one of her best outfits for a date with one of the women they had met after the symphony. Rachel gave her a polite kiss on the cheek and sent her on her way. After watching television for a couple of hours she became loli nonude bbs bored so she walked up the street to the local Mom and Pop grocery store and bought herself nn loli gallery a pack of cigarettes. As she walked back down the hill to the house she opened the pack and took one out and lit it up with a match from the complementary book of matches provided at the store. She sat down on the stoop to enjoy her first cigarette in more than a month. She was looked at the city lights. Back home there were no lights. The country only had stars to light the shy. loli tiny tits Here you could hardly see any stars but the city sparkled with red, green, blue forum lolicon hentai and yellow. She was enjoying the sight when a blue Porsche Boxster convertible pulled up and turned the wheels into the curb so that the car could not roll downhill. Rachel watched as the person turned off the engine and got out of the car. To her surprise it was the other woman that had had dinner with them young 13y naked loli last week. She approached Rachel with a warm smile and gave her a little peck on the cheek as she sat on the stoop portal bbs loli next to her. Rachel remembered that her name was Amber. The only thing she could think of to do was to offer her a cigarette. Amber took loli big tits one out of the pack and lit it from Rachel's cigarette. Amber took a drag and blew the smoke towards the stars. "I see you're not as innocent as Nell loli girl masturbation thinks. Are you into anything else?" Rachel was not sure she knew what she meant but she suddenly was very curious to finding out if this lesbian sex business held anything for her. She gave Amber a warm smile and said, "I might like to find out if lesbian sex is all that it is cracked up to be." With that Amber flipped her cigarette butt into the street and turned towards Rachel and kissed her on dark toplist loli portal the mouth. She took Rachel's cigarette butt away and tossed it away too. Then she stood up and led Rachel towards the entrance to the house. Rachel unlocked the door and re-locked it as soon as loli cat naked they were inside. Amber led her directly to the davenport and kissed her on the mouth again as she pulled her down next to her. Rachel's only experience with this sort of kissing was with boys her age back home. No woman, including her mother, had ever touched her lips in this way. She was a little shocked by it at first but she found Amber's soft mouth to be very nice. Her perfume was almost intoxicating. nude teen loli model She did not know what to do at this point. However she knew that she enjoyed what was happening to her body and that she wanted it to continue. Amber had one arm around her shoulders as she kissed her. Her free hand was stroking Rachel's body all over from shoulder to knees as her tongue probed the child's mouth. The free hand was pulling her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoning it. At Rachel's age she had breasts but was young enough to get away without using a bra. By the loli yo fuck time Amber's hand reached her Breasts her nipples were painfully hard. All she could do is moan into Amber's mouth as Amber toyed with her nipples. Rachel was confused. She didn't know what to do with her hands. Her right arm was pinned between their bodies so she reached for Amber's breasts with her left hand. She found the orbs to be very soft and yielding under her fingers. Amber's nipples were noticeable through her bra and blouse. She could feel them right though the material with the palm of her hand. When Amber let go of the breast and placed her hand on the bare knee of Rachel's right leg Rachel froze. Amber could feel the girl's body stiffen. She held her hand still and continued kissing her until her body relaxed. Then she slid her hand up the inner thigh, enjoying the soft yielding flesh. When her hand reached the junction of her body loli pre kds dark she could feel the heat emitted from the warm panties. She wanted to rip the girl's panties off but torrent japanese loli feared that it would frighten her too much. She decided to take it a little slower and just trace the edge on the leg of her panties. When she finally ran her fingers over the pubic bulge the panties incest loli stories were slippery wet. She could not resist the temptation and she pulling her hand out from under the skirt and smelling her fingers. Rachel watched her and was embarrassed because she knew that Amber's fingers smelled like her cunt. Amber seemed to relish the smell and even sucked on her fingers. Then Amber knelt on the floor in front of Rachel. loli porn forum She acted like an adoring imperial subject as she reached under the skirt to seek out the waistband of the panties. When she had the fingers of both hands firmly gripping the panties she started pulling them down. Rachel felt her trying to seesaw the panties under her butt and lolite bbs leaned back against the back of the davenport enough to lift her bottom up enough to allow Amber to pull the panties past her knees. Amber pulled the panties down her legs and over she shoes. She dropped the panties on the floor and returned to admire the unblemished thighs of the girl. Her next move was to start kissing the soft flesh of the girl's inner thigh of the left leg then the right. Rachel had sun bleached hair the color of the straw in the fields but her newly grown pubic hair was a dark brown. She instinctively spread her legs to allow Amber better access to her crotch. Amber placed her hands on Rachel's thighs and placed her face so close she could feel the heat. The smell was enough to make her drunk with desire to taste the young pussy. She licked the hair until it parted and allowed her tongue to penetrate the valley. She was getting into the action of whipping her head back and forth as she probed the valley with her tongue. Rachel was in a state of pure ecstasy. lolity model She arched her back and lifted her ass of the davenport as she moaned her approval of Amber's actions. She was saying things like "Oh Amber, lick my pussy! I love it so much." At that point the door opened and Nell was standing in the opening. She was shocked to see her niece on the davenport with Amber's head under her skirt. Amber pulled her head out from under the skirt and turned to face her friend. Nell could see loli 3d movie the pussy juice glisten on her face. All she could say "Get the hell out of my house you...BITCH!" Amber stood up and tried to apologize as she rushed nudist lolicon past her on her way to her car. As Nell closed the door it was only moments before Rachel could hear the car speeding away. Nell stepped across the room and slapped her niece on the face as hard as she could. The left side of Rachel's face was aflame as she looked up at her aunt through her tears. Nell gathered her into her arms and started crying as she told her that she never intended to allow her friends forbidden lolitta to seduce her. Rachel was still in a heated state because she had not reached a climax yet. nude preteen model loli She was crying lolitta naked pics in her shame at being caught in a sexual act with a woman and still needing to climax. She clung to xxx lolias Nell's waist with both hands for awhile. When Nell started stroking the back of Rachel's head with her hands, Rachel could not resist placing her right hand between her legs and under her skirt. She sought out her cunt and when her finger touched her clitoris she continued stroking it as fast as she could. It took Nell a few moments before she felt Rachel's arm moving and realized what she was doing. She collapsed on the davenport and gathered Rachel to her bosom. They were both crying and professing their love for each other. Nell pushed Rachel's Hand out of the way. Rachel thought she was trying to stop her from masturbating and she was past the point of caring about anything but getting off. It was not until she felt Nell's fingers invading her cunt that she realized that her aunt was going to help her cum. As Nell started her rhythmic thrusting of her fingers in and out of the wet canal. Rachel felt her hymen being ripped away. There was a brief stabbing pain that was quickly replaced by an overwhelming tingling sensation that soon had her body trembling like a leaf in free lolite the wind. Rachel was reduced to wrapping her legs around Nell's leg and gripping it as tightly as she could. Then she climaxed and after every muscle contracted she went as limp as a rag. Nell gathered her up in her arms and carried her into her bedroom. She placed her niece on the bed and stripped off her clothes as fast as she could. lolicon beastiality Then she stood over her niece and undressed herself completely. Rachel had never seen her aunt naked before. Now she had an unobstructed view of everything. Outside of a couple of moles on her hip her skin was flawless. Her pubic area had been shaved recently loli news because there was no visible stubble. All that remained was a dark strip about an inch wide and a couple of inches long all of which had been trimmed to the same length. Rachel thought her pussy was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. When she looked up at her breasts she could not help thinking that they looked like those models with breast implants. They just looked unreal. The areolas looked almost red. It took a moment for it to dawn on her that they were covered with lipstick from being sucked by one of her lovers. She had a mental flash of her making love to her friend and the image cause her to have a brief pang of jealousy. By this time she was as naked as little loli sex stories the day she was born. Nell sat on the bed and leaned over to kiss her niece on the mouth. Then Nell guided one of her breasts towards Rachel's lips. When Rachel started sucking on the nipple she grabbed the bag with taboo loli both hands. If there was an implant she sure could not tell. Nell rolled over so that her right leg was between Rachel's legs. She started humping her leg much like a dog when leg humping and adult person. The friction on her pubic bone was making her as horny as any bitch in heat. She had an overwhelming desire to taste her niece's cunt. She scooted down Rachel's leg until she was in place to suck lolicon complex on the young moist opening. Rachel was in bliss and found that her big toe was right in place to stick it litle loli babes in her aunt's cunt. It was wet and slippery and it greedily accepted the digit. Rachel took her clue from her aunt. Every time her aunt stuck her tongue into her cunt she jammed her toe deeper into her aunt's cunt. Rachel climaxed first but Nell soon followed suit and the two were momentarily caught up in their own little piece of lolia bbs heaven. Nell crawled back up the bed so that she could wrap her arms around Rachel and catch her breath. Rachel was spent completely and it took her several minutes to calm down. japanese loli movies When she was a bit more relaxed she realized that her aunt's face smelled of her pussy. She could not explain her feelings but she wanted to taste her aunt's cunt too. She started scooting her way young loli toplist down Nell's body. Nell knew where she was going and spread her legs in anticipation of her niece's arrival. Rachel used both hands to part Nell's labia as she took lolia porn movies her first close look at the inner working of a female's sex organ. She was driving her aunt crazy as she explored her cunt with her fingers. She felt like her skin was crawling when she felt her niece place her mouth on her cunt. Rachel's tongue flickered lightly over her clitoris until her cunt was producing lubricant juice so much that it was dripping between free teens lolit sex the crack of her ass. She actually felt the liquid pool under her ass. When she was certain her aunt had finished climaxing Rachel looked up from between her legs and smiled in her satisfaction at sucking her first pussy. Nell pulled her up and kissed her on the indian loli tgp mouth and hugged her as they best lolits links fell asleep. The next day was Saturday and they slept late. The first thing Rachel became aware of was the smell of her aunt's perfume and the heat of her body. When she opened her eyes she was looking directly into the face of her aunt. The first thought they both had was that loliota naked their breath must smell like something had crawled into her mouth and died. They both tried cp loli portal to cover their mouths with their hand. The second thought they had was that their bladders were full. They both excused themselves super loli sex and rushed to their own bathroom to relives their bladder and brush their teeth. When Nell was finished she joined Rachel in her bathroom. Rachel was still brushing her teeth when her aunt entered. She felt a little strange standing in the cool morning air totally naked. After all she had been raised in a very modest household. Her aunt approached from behind and never took her loli pic preteen eyes off Rachel's face in the mirror. She pressed her pussy against Rachel's butt and reached under her arms and took hold of underage loli sites the budding breasts as she kissed her on the neck. Rachel finished brushing her teeth and rinsed her mouth out with fresh water. After she put her brush sexy lolit schoolgirl porno back in its place she placed her hands on her aunt's hands and turned her head to kiss her aunt on the mouth. They spent the rest of the day in bed and didn't bother getting dressed. They seldom left the house the next week other than for Rachel to go to school and Nell to work. Late in the afternoon on Friday the phone rang. It was the woman Nell had been out with the previous week. She teased Nell about being so rude to her friends last week. Nell assured her that she had been upset finding Amber with her face between her niece's legs. Nell looked at Rachel and asked if she would like to have company bbs teen lolias movie tonight? Rachel was quick enough to figure out what was being asked. She thought about it for only a moment before agreeing that she would like that very much. There was a hasty party arranged by phone. When their guest arrived they were each introduced to Rachel. Rachel was a little nervous at the thought of meeting all of these sophisticated adults. At the same time she was thrilled at the idea of being the guest of honor. There were four free lolits tgp couples that were at the party. Only two of the women looked like Rachel's conditioned image of a dyke. They were all dancing and drinking. Every woman there danced with Rachel. They all tried to seduce her. She felt their hands all over her body. Her clothes seemed to melt away. It was not long before every woman there was taking a turn at kneeling in front of her and tasting the sweat juices flowing from her young body. Rachel became a little pussy whore. She could not get enough pussy. She had become completely obsessed with sex. She found some willing accomplices at school as well. She was drawn to one dark haired girl in particular. She would slip away with her during recess and feel her up. Of course it did not take long before one of the astute teaching nuns figured out what was going on. Rather than confronting the girls directly she told the mother superior pthc cp loli lost of her suspicions. The girl's were summoned to her office and had to sit on the hard wooden bench outside the entrance until school was let out. Then they were ushered into her office. The mother superior was sitting at her desk looking down at papers. She hardly looked up at the girls as they came in. She said that the girls had been seen touching each other inappropriately. The girls ru loli tried to bluff it out by saying they had not touched each other. The mother superior stood up and her black robes rustled as she came around the desk. She had a hickory pointer in her hand and was slapping the palm of her left hand. They were told to prostrate themselves over the front of her desk. She flipped up both of their skirts and gave each of them a hard swat on the ass with the stick. She gave them enough time for the sting to take full effect before giving each of them another swat. This time when she asked if they had touched each other's bodies they both admitted that they had and were sorry for having done so. The mother sex lolits superior thanked them for admitting the truth. She assured them that they were not in trouble but if they ever felt the need to explore another female's body again that preteen nn lolits they should come to her. They looked at each other and wondered what she was saying. She helped the girls stand up and they both were rubbing their butts as she moved in front of them. She leaned against her desk and casually bent over at the waist and gathered up the heavy hem of her robe and lifted it up above her waist. young naked loli The girls were shocked to see the mother superior was naked under her garment. They had never seen her hair because of the starched cowl that she wore all the time. They just looked upon her as a grandmotherly woman. What they were confronted with now was more than a middle-aged woman. Her tummy was relatively flat and her legs were still firm but obviously the legs of an older woman. The pubic hair that covered her crack was dark but there was plenty of gray sprinkled among the hairs. She invited each of them to feel her vagina as much as they liked. She told them that if they got it out of their system now in her office that she was sure that she would not get any more reports of inappropriate touching in school. She gathered them close to her and with each of her arms around the girls she guided their hands by their elbows towards her vagina. Rachel's friend was in tears and promised to be good. The mother superior told her to stop by the chapel and say three Hale-Mary's and do an act of loli underage cum contrition before going home. Rachel was not crying and was probing the cunt with her fingers. The mother Superior was stroking her hair and said that she suspected that she was the one that had initiated the sexual exploration. She asked if she was through or if she wanted to do more? Rachel used her thumb to stimulate the mother superior's clit in answer to her question. The mother superior scooted back on her desk and guided Rachel's head to her crotch. Rachel opened her mouth and covered the hairy garden. By this time she was very experienced in oral sex. It did not take long before the mother superior was in the ecstasy of a long, thrilling climax. She knew that Rachel's aunt was her guardian. She told her that she would drive her home. Rachel was apprehensive about her talking to her aunt about her sexual tastes. They sat in the rectories station-wagon until Nell got home. Nell was a little surprised to see the mother superior waiting for sexy loli blog her. They entered the house and she asked her if she would like a cup of tea or coffee. The mother superior said, "A drink would be nice." Nell asked if Vodka and Seven-up would be OK. "That sounds fine to me." Nell went to a cabinet and retrieved a bottle. She got out two glasses and a bottle of Seven-up from the fridge along with some ice. She poured a couple of stiff drinks and brought the glasses back to the living-room and sat next to the nun hentai loli series with her body turned towards her. They spanish cg loli artist each sipped the drinks. Nell asked if the drink was to her liking. The nun said, loli nude photo "Yes thanks." Nell excused Rachel by telling her that she should do her homework. Then she asked, "What the problem was? Had Rachel not done her homework or misbehaved?" Before responding the nun took another swallow of her drink. Then she said, "Rachel had been seen molesting one of her classmates during recess." Nell's face went white, "Are you going to expel her from school?" "No my dear, I just loli preview wanted to let you know. We have other girls in the school that are inclined to act lolits blog out their sexual desires. We do not judge our girls for having these feelings." She followed up her peeing loli galleries speech by placing her hand on Nell's knee. Nell got the message right away and took a sip of her drink and placed in on the coffee table after moving a coaster under the glass. The nun followed her example. She parted her legs to let the nun know she was willing to let her play with her. The mother superior felt the leg part and put her left arm around Nell's shoulders and hugged free pron host loli her close to her body. She said that she would be happy to act as her confessor and kissed her on the mouth. Nell found it very exciting to be kissing a nun. She wondered what she pearl lolit would look like naked. She looked old enough to be her real mother but her skin was still preteen loliras almost wrinkle-free. loli japan The kinder loli porno nun soon had Nell undressed and laid out on the davenport. She lifted her robe and mounted her in a 69 position. She lowered her cunt to the waiting mouth before indulging herself by tasting Nell's hot box. Rachel came back to the hall where she could see what was going on. She watched the black robe humping the head hidden between her legs. When they were finished they sat up and picked up their drinks and finished them. It was only when Nell got up to make fresh drinks that she saw Rachel standing in the door. Her first instinct was to cover her crotch with her hands. The glasses clinked. The mother superior turned around to see Rachel standing in the doorway. She motioned free lolitta teen sex her to come close. When Nell returned with fresh drinks she took one and sipped it as she hooked a finger in Nell's cunt. She asked Rachel to hold her drink. When she had it in her hand the nun ran her hand up the inside of her leg until she had a handful of panties. She pulled them aside and probed the young cunt. Both aunt preteen lolitos and niece were soon close to climaxing. They had to hang onto each other to keep their balance. After they climaxed the mother superior told them that she would be sure to look after Rachel from now on to see to it that she did not get in trouble. That was the start of her becoming the pet of the mother superior and a select group of the nuns and staff at school. By the time she was old enough to be in high school Rachel was one of the select boarding school students. They arranged it so that the only willing playmates were allowed to be boarding school girls. Rachel slept with every woman on 101 lolit staff for weeks on end and participated in group orgies with her classmates. 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